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Ferngrass Herd



Amona is a unicorn in Mia and Me.

Character Edit

Amona loves to collect flowers of all kinds. As soon as she has found a new one, she digs it with her snout, planting it in a hidden bed, which she and Galamo know only. Amona's bed is probably the most beautiful and colorful on all Centopia. There are rainbow flowers, anemone blossoms, sunflowers, sugar blossoms and many more.

Amona is the protection-unicorn of the anemone blossoms. With the dust of her horn, she can produce particularly beautiful Amonen blossoms. That is why she spends a lot of time in the anemone fields.

Because Ono, the king of the unicorns, has disappeared, Amonas father temporarily took over the office of the king. That's why Amona is a unicorn princess. But it does not make much sense.

Relationships Edit

Galamo Edit

  • Galamo is her husband and best friend, who she'd love to have a foal with.

Appearance Edit

Amona has a pink mane with golden precious stones that fit wonderfully to her blue eyes. In the light of the sun Amona's fur radiates alternately in pink and delicate orange. When she is embarrassed, her coat is even red to dark red! Among the unicorns, this is a unique sight.

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