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Centopia is a wonderful world of Elves, Unicorns, Pans and Dragons. The idyllic kingdom is full of amazing locations and landscapes: The Elf Palace, Onchao’s Waterfall, the Rialto River, the Glowworm Cave, the Hanging Gardens and the Uninteresting Hills – all that and much more waits to be discovered in Centopia!


Centopia is shaped like a unicorn's head. The plants in Centopia are colorful. Some of the magical bushes in Centopia can burst magical colors if you touch them. There are beautiful trees, vines, mushrooms and other amazing magical plants that make Centopia the most beautiful place.


By speciesEdit


Main article: Elves


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Dragons Edit

Main article: Dragons

By nameEdit

Locations within Centopia Edit


Main article: Centopia/Locations

Trivia Edit

  • Centopia is a magical world with magical creatures.
  • Mia travels to Centopia with her bracelet and her book.
  • Centopia is shaped like a Unicorn Head.

Gallery Edit

Main Article: Centopia/Gallery.

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