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Centopia is a magical world of elves, unicorns, pans and other magical creatures. It is also the main setting of Mia's book, The Legend of Centopia. It is a place where magical creatures such as elves and unicorns are based.


Centopia is shaped like a unicorn's head. The plants in Centopia are colorful. More coming soon...


By speciesEdit


Main article: Elves
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Main article: Unicorns
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Main article: Pans
Fuddle is a PanComing soon...


Main article: Munculus
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By nameEdit

Locations within Centopia Edit

Elf Palace Edit

This is the place where the Elves live including their King Raynor(he is father to Mo so Mo is prince of Centopia) and Queen Mayla. Elf Palace is within the Elf Crater.

Unicorn Field Edit

This is the beautiful place where the Unicorns live. It is within Elf Crater.

Water Unicorn Cave Edit

There is Water Unicorn as a gaurdian. There is Birth Grotto in it. Onchao was born in it.

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