Earth Unicorn
Earth Unicorn

Best Friend

Water Unicorn


Can control the earths.

Can to become one earth.


Element Unicorn



The Earth Unicorn is the one of The Element Unicorns.


She's got orange coat, light skin color tummy and blue eyes. Her mane is orange-yellow with flowers in it, it also has branches like her horn. the Earth unicorn can maipulate the earth as seen in its deut on the show. She is probably the trongest one because she looks like a bad-ass. she also looks the prettiest and the other unicorns look up to her ecause she can create eartquakes and make cracks in the earth. she is the spirit unicorn of yuko, and because of it she adopted some of her sass. her est friend is the water unicorn, and she is not good friends with the fire unicorn. her mane was set on fire and had to regrow..

the eart unicorn died trying to protect yuko from the dark eclipse racelet used y the spirit of nature. her horn was then taken, but quikly retrieved by yuko. When using the horn yuko can temporarily merge with the Earth unicorn spirit and become super powerful.

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