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Gargona is Queen Panthea's general. She is one of the major antagonists in Season 1 along with her queen. She seems to be immune to the trumptus. She also teams up with Rixel in Season 2 to get out of Centopia by capturing Onchao or Ono. She is a dark elf and is from Dystopia. She dislikes Rixel.

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Gargona has a staff, wears a red dress and has a black headdress/wig.

Personality Edit

Gargona is very independent and clever. She appears to be much smarter than Rixel and knows when his plans will not work. She is quick-tempered and sarcastic. In Season 1, Gargona is shown to imitate Panthea whenever the latter is talking and seems to want to just get out of Centopia. She dislikes unicorns, the elves of Centopia, and Rixel. She is very selfish in some ways.More coming soon...

shrinks when touched by water

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