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Heart Unicorn
Heart Unicorn




Elemental Unicorn


The Heart Leaf Tree





First Appearance

Under the Heartleaf Tree

The Heart Unicorn is a new elemental unicorn that appears in Season 3 Episode 16 - Unicorn of Hearts. (Under the Heart Leaf Tree).

Character Edit

The Heart Unicorn has the heart element and lives near the Heart Leaf Tree. It eats only the figs from the Heart Leaf Tree so the tree keeps it in life. The Heart Unicorn is so fond to it's tree, it started crying after it was cut off.

Appearance Edit

The Heart Unicorn has pink body with beautiful flowers and circles on it, followed by a beautiful long pink tail and bright pink mane. Her horn is also pink and shiny.

Relationships Edit

The Elves Edit

Mia, Yuko and Mo. Edit

  • The Heart Unicorn is friend of Mia, Yuko and Mo.

Onchao Edit

  • The Heart Unicorn became a friend of Onchao when he grew another Heart Leaf Tree, replacing the old one which Gargona and Dax cut off.

Enemies Edit

Gargona Edit

  • The Heart Unicorn and Gargona are enemies after she cut the Heart Leaf Tree.

Dax Edit

  • Dax is another enemy of The Heart Unicorn since she cut it's tree with Gargona and the Bug Men.

Trivia Edit

  • It appears in Season 3, Episode 16 - Unicorn of Hearts.
  • It lives near the Heart Leaf Tree which gives it its life force.

Gallery Edit

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