There are many Humans in season1 here are the main and important ones.

Mia: Mia is very shy when she first comes to her bording school and she makes an eenemy of Violetta straight away. When she is settling in her aunt presents her a book which helps her get over being away from he family.

Vincent: Vincent is first seen being teased be Violetta and her ' minions' but he is shown kindness by Mia. He then later pesters her but in the end ends up helping her and becoming friends with Mia.

Violetta: Violetta is a bully to Mia always teasing her when she gets the chance and pushing every body around she try's to damage Mia's book and steal it from her because she knows Mia loves it.

Paula: Paula starts of being one of Viloettas 'minions' but later on in the season she sees that Violetta is just a very mean person and she'd rather have a nice friend then being bossed around for popularity. In the final episode of the season she is let in on Mia secret.

season2 Humans

Grandpa Renzo: Grandpa Renzo is a very loving old man who runs a farm in the country side located in the midd le all Violettsa mums land. He is very funny and finds odd ways to get rid of moles. He also always tries to pair Mia and Mario together. Even through money struggles he is seen to be joking around.

Mario: Mario works on Renzos farm and says he would do anything for Renzo to keep his farm. through out the season Mario and Mia are seen to have some sort of relation ship but only in the final episodes does it really come out.

Marios Grandma: she is a loving and caring lady who like Mario tries to help save Renzoz farm and it is easily seen that she and Renzo quite like each other. She works on Violettas mum land as a secretary for the animals. When Violettas mum send her horse to be killed and Mia and Mario go to rescue the horse but need the paper work she helps them get it.

Coutess Casandra: Countess Casandra is Viloettas mother. She is very rich and owns a lot of land. She is very mean including to her own daughter when she hides a present and letter from Violettas father to her daughter.

of course Mia is int this season but so is Violetta and Violetta only becomes nicer to everyone towards the end.

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