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Lola is an elf in Mia and Me. She appears in Season 3, Episode 19 - Shyest Unicorn.

Character Edit

Lola is a headstrong character. She is a protective of The Swamp where the Swamp Unicorn lives. She doesn't like to admit that she's the protective of the swamp, and doesn't like to become friends with Mia, Yuko and Mo. She likes to get the trust of The Swamp Unicorn, and she does after saving her with the help of her friends.

Relationships Edit

Mia Edit

Friend/Acquantiance Edit

  • Lola hated all elves,including Mia. But,Mia tried to melt Lola's cold heart despite her outbursts. And only Mia did not have bad opinion about Lola.

Yuko Edit

Frenemy/Acquantiance Edit

  • Yuko did not like Lola's attitude for elves, and that's why she's not has a comunication with Lola. In the end they became friends.

Mo Edit

Frenemy/Acquantiance Edit

  • Mo was nervate Lola with his negligent according to swamp. Mo wantet to proof Lola that he is king. She did not belive him. The whole episode shows Mo's and Lola's quarrel. But,in the end Mo becomes less attacked for Lola,and that's why Lola helped elves.

Swamp Unicorn Edit

  • Lola is a friend of the Swamp Unicorn since she protects her swamp and saved her from sinking.

Appearance Edit

Lola has wavy turquoise hair with some strands adorned with purple beads. She wears a turquoise and purple beaded headband and also has beaded bracelets, a necklace, and belts. She wears a lavender one piece with a pattern of branches and eyes, and a gold piece at the top of it. She has wings with a blue tint, and blue circles and details. She has a friendship ring just like the other Elves after their adventure in the Swamp.

Trivia Edit

  • She appears in Season 3, Episode 19.
  • She's the protective of The Swamp where The Swamp Unicorn lives.

Gallery Edit

Main article: Lola/Gallery

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