Lord Drakon is the boss of Rixel and Gargona in Season 2.

Character Edit

Lord Drakon is an evil villain who gives orders to Rixel and Gargona. His goal is to capture Onchao or Ono, as they are the only Unicorns with wings in Season 2. He is always angry and shouts at Rixel and Gargona who always argue about everything.

Appearance Edit

Lord Drakon's head was the only part of his spirit body shown. His hair is with snakes and he has sharp big teeth. His surrounded in green smoke. His eyes are green, also. He has gray lines on his face.

Realtionships Edit

Rixel Edit

  • Rixel is Lord Drakon's general.

Gargona Edit

  • Gargona works with Rixel for Lord Drakon.

Enemies Edit

Mia, Yuko and Mo. Edit

  • They hate Lord Drakon as well as his two generals and fight with him to save the Unicorns.

The Unicorns(Mainly Onchao) Edit

  • Lord Drakon is their enemy since he sends Gargona and Rixel to capture them.

Trivia Edit

  • He lives in Dystopia.
  • He is the leader of Rixel and Gargona.

Gallery Edit

Main Article: Lord Drakon/Gallery.

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