Shy, sweet, smart, caring, protective, and thoughtful


Ono (husband)
Onchao (son)
Kyara (daughter)
Lavera (big sister)
Landa (mother)


Elves, Mia, Yuko, Mo, Unicorns


Ferngrass Herd



Lyria is a unicorn and the travelling companion of Mia. She is the daughter of Landa, sister of Lavera, mother of Onchao and Kyara, and the wife of Ono.

Character Edit

She is a very sweet and smart unicorn. She's also a caring mother, as she sacrificed herself to protect her son Onchao by getting captured by Panthea. However, she - along with other unicorns - were saved later during the series.

She has a special power to sense plants that have become ill. She’s the wife of Unicorn King Ono and the mother of Onchao.

Relationships Edit


Mia is Lyria's best friend, and they share a special bond. Mia tends to appear in Centopia near Lyria or Onchao once she reads the oracle.


Onchao is the first born son of Lyria, he has a golden horn, and he also has wings like his father. She would do anything to protect him.


Ono is Lyria's husband, and the father of both of her children.


Kyara is her second born and her daughter. She also has a golden horn and wings like Onchao.


Lavera is Lyria's sister.


Landa is Lyria's mother.

Appearance Edit

Lyria has a wonderful pink mane and tail with light pink blossoms and stones in it. She wears golden ankle bracelets. Her fur is white and has a pink curlicue pattern.

Gallery Edit

Main article: Lyria/Gallery

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