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Horseback riding
Taking care of animals

Eye color


Hair color

Dark Blonde

Portrayed by:

Luca Saviozzi Murphy

Mario is a friend of Mia who works on her Grandfather Renzo's farm. He is a vital character in Season 2 of Mia and Me.

Character Edit

Mario is a careful,kind and uncomplaining young man. Works on Renzo 's farm to raise money for studies medicine. Retiring and quiet,with a very good heart. Painstaking. Skilful at the farm. Is pleased to do the job. Renzo is satisfied with him.

Relationships Edit


  • Mia is Mario good firend. He works on her grandfather Renzo 's farm. That was (most likely) a only one the way that he and she meet each other. Mia before didn't notice Mario,but,in Season 2, Mia and Mario become friends. Mostly, Mia and Mario ride the horses. In episode Hide and Seek Mario finds out Mia secret about Centopia. Mia has a small crush on Mario.


  • Renzo is Mario the boss. Mario respect Renzo so much. Mario would work for him things that would not for someone else.


  • Franca is Mario grandmother.


  • Violetta is Mario friend. Mario worked earlier for Violetta mother,Contessa di Nola,to help Renzo to save his farm. In episode The Rainbow Spring, Violetta confides in Mario that she isn't sure what she likes to do and how her mother is pressuring her. She asks Mario not to tell anyone that he saw her cry,and Mia spots them. Mario kept it ,but he said Mia after a while. Violetta has a crush on Mario.

Appearance Edit

Mario has a dark blonde hair and green/yellow eyes. Wearing basic outfits(when it does not work at farm) and clothes for work at the farm.

Gallery Edit

Main article: Mario/Gallery

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