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Queen Mayla
Queen Mayla






long Brown


Mankulus, Gargona, Panthea, Rixel, Gurga


Linda Ballantyne


Phuddle, Mia, Lyria, Onchao


Mo (son), Raynor (second husband) Yuko (niece)

Królowa Mayla JEST kobietą trzydzieści Osiem.żona Raynora í mama Ksiecia Mo. Królowa Centopii i Elfów .


The Queen Mayla is a beatiful woman who loves her son wants to teach him the Royal label has brown hair reminiscent of coca on it has a strange golden crown wears a long gold gown in gold blue and dark blue triangles and red and green rectangles on her neck bears a golden collar and under laced up gold crystal necklace in her ears have earrings stuck with red rubies, which she received from her husband two years ago in September at its trirthy sixth birthday on the feet has golden heels on the heels on which it is drawn portrait of the Queen taking wedding of King Raynor was wearing a white dress and high heels chest has a gold lace bra in gold blue and red rectangles

Season 2

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