Trumptus Lost
Season 1, Episode 4
Trumptus Lost
Air date 22 December 2011

2014 Nick jr USA

Written by Doug Sinclair
Directed by Bill Speers, Tony Power
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The Golden Son

Trumptus Lost is the fourth episode of the first season.



Mia and Vincent come to the library, and it Mia shows to Vincent shining runes page from the book "Legends of Centopia". Vincent asks how she is not afraid of this. Then suddenly there is a company of Violetta, where taunts and Mia govoriet her that she always walks with a book about Centopia. Violet looked at the book begins to laugh even more when he saw pictures of mystical creatures. Vincent immediately takes the book and leaves with Mia. Mia complained that Vincent left just as Violetta will be more aware that Mia's book is very important. Mia comes to her room and hides in the closet, read the prophecy and teleporting in Centopia.

Mia teleport to Centopia it there is not far from the Castle Panthea's. And he sees Lyria that wants to catch Gargona and munkulus. Mia with a ring of friendship Yuko sends a signal, and in that place Yuko fighting off attacks Munkulus. Soon Mo and Yuko fly to Mia for help, and they save Mia and Lyria from poisonous fog. But there they accidentally left Trumptus who can get rid of munkulus and win Panthea. Then I realized that they threw Trumptus returned to the lock antlers. Returning to the castle, they find Trumptus, but all three of them lose consciousness and lead to Panthea. Being in the castle, there Panthea breaks Trupatus 20 pieces. Mia manages to escape, thus freeing Mo and Yuko. And Mia, who caught Gargona, teleported to the real world. And Mo and Yuko fly.

Mia returning to the real world, sees the picture in the book where Panthea, which broke Trupatus. Mia comes to Vincent and asks all have setbacks.


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