This is a list of Mia and Me Wiki's affiliation sites and wikis. Feel free to apply, as long as your wiki or website fulfill the requirements.

Current AffiliationsEdit

Name Description Link

Winx Club Wiki Wordmark

Winx Club Wiki

Winx Club Wiki is a Wikia wiki about the animated TV series produced by Rainbow s.r.l. and created by Igino Straffi, Winx Club. The series tells about a group of fairies who fights evil.

Magical girl logo

Magical Girl (Mahou Shoujo - 魔法少女) Wiki

Magical Girl (Mahou Shoujo - 魔法少女) Wiki is a Wikia wiki about anime, TV series, and all things that fall into the "Magical Girl" genre!

Kids's and Teenager's Entertainment Choice Wiki

Kids's and Teenager's Entertainment Choice Wiki is a Wikia wiki about all forms of entertainment (TV shows, movies, games, books, songs, etc.) directed for children or teenager.

Affiliation RequestEdit

Please note that affiliation request for wikis are only for Wikia wikis.



Websites, social media pages/accounts or wikia must:

  • not contain offensive materials and language not suitable for children.

Optional, but recommended (if your site/wiki/page also fulfill one or more of this requirements, it's a bonus because your wiki will fit more into our visitors.)Edit

  • be about a television series airing on Nickelodeon (or its affiliations, like NickJr, etc.). Or, the series is produced by Rainbow s.r.l.
  • the TV series have a magical theme, magical species or magical characters.

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