Prince Mo




Probably 13 years








Andrew Craig


Flying, water glares


Mayla (mother)
King Raynor (father)


Yuko (best friend, love interest), Mia (best friend, former love interest), Elves, Unicorns


Gargona, Mankulus, Gurga, Rixel, Panthea, Dax, Lord Drakon

Mo is one of the main characters in the series.

Character Edit

Mo is the prince of Centopia, and (so far) the only child of son Queen Mayla and King Raynor. Mo, like Mia and Yuko appears to be in his early teenage years, though it hasn't be specified. Mo is very kind and loyal, and not just loyal to Centopia but also to his friends. Mo once said that he would give up being the future king for either of his two best friends; Mia and Yuko, in a moment while in The Cave of Truth. He was interested in Mia in Season 1, but in Season 2 and 3 he's in love with Yuko.

Relationships Edit


Mo and Yuko in Season 3

Mo and Yuko have known each other since childhood. In Season 1 he didn't return her feelings, but still cared for her and they almost kissed. Yuko was hurt by his crush on Mia. In Season 2 and 3 everything changed. Mo realised that Yuko is the one he desires. They had a lot of cute moments when they would look away from each other flushed. In episode "Return to the Rainbow island" Mo gave a crystal to Yuko to express his feelings for her. Mia called it the crystal of love, yuko and Mo would never admit it.

Mia i Mo oraz Yuko ooooo

Mia, Mo and Yuko in Season 1

Mo liked Mia since the first time he saw her. They developed a crush on each other. In Season 1 they had many moments together and they showed that they really cared about each other, but after the first Season they stayed just friends. She knows Mo has feelings for Yuko and she's happy for him. Even though Mo no longer likes Mia romantically, he still thinks of her as one of his best friends.

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