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The Munculus is a species of dark elf, ruled by Panthea in Mia and Me.

Character Edit

The Muncs are evil, sneaky dark elves who capture Unicorns for Panthea. They trap them with their snakes. They also fight with the elves.

Appearance Edit

The muncs have light blue skin with darker circles (or eyeshadow) around their eyes. They have long faces. They wear round gold head pieces, and they wear maroon uniforms with gold accents, belt, collar and cuffs.

Description Edit

The Munculus, or Muncs, are creatures who live in Centopia. Panthea rules over them as queen. The Munc General is Gargona. They explode in hundreds of dandelions at the sound of the Trumptus .Both Gargona and Muncs shrink when Mia or a other elf water glares them. Muncs,and Gargona fly dragons and it takes a lot of time to tame them.

Relationships Edit

Panthea Edit

  • Panthea is the leader of the Muncs.

Gargona Edit

  • Gargona works with the Muns to catch Unicorns.

Dragons Edit

  • The Muncs used the dragons as their minions to capture Unicorns.

Enemies Edit

The Elves Edit

  • The Elves fight with the Muncs to ave the Unicorns.

Unicorns Edit

  • The Unicorns are being captured by the Muncs.

Trivia Edit

  • Munculus shrink when they're touched by water.
  • They are Panthea's minions.
  • They work with Gargona to capture unicorns.
  • They use snakes as weapon.

Gallery Edit

Main article: Munculus/Gallery

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