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Evil and insidious


Elizabeth Hanna


Elves, Mia, Yuko, Mo, Unicorns

The Queen Panthea is the primary antagonist of Season 1 of Mia and Me.


Panthea is a ruthless and insidious dark elf from Dystopia. She is tall and intimidating; a ruthless warlord with an insatiable appetite for eternal youth. She came to Centopia in search of unicorn horns; she captures unicorns for their horns because they help her remain youthful. Panthea is afraid of old age, and it is her only known fear. She has an army of Monculus, which is run by her general, Gargona. She also has her servants and army capture dragons. After finding out about Onchao, the unicorn with the golden horn, she becomes determined to capture him for his horn, because a horn like his could grant her eternal youth. She has a cat, Ziggo, whom she loves and takes care of; Ziggo is the only character in Mia and Me Panthea cares about.

The Trumptus, an instrument created by Phuddle, was the elves salvation to saving Centopia; Panthea scattered the pieces throughout Centopia, though, but the elves retrieved them and it destroyed her. She exploded and turned into flowers.



Gargona is her trusted general to her Munc army. She follows direct orders from Panthea, and although Panthea is harsh with Gargona, she trusts Gargona enough to let her lead the expeditions to retrieve unicorn horns.


The Munculus is Panthea's army of dark elves, who follow her and Gargona's every lead.


Ziggo is Panthea's beloved feline companion cat. She would do anything to protect Ziggo and cares for him.


Mia is an enemy of Panthea. While Panthea originally didn't know her, Mia quickly grew to be a thorn in Panthea's side. Mia and her friends gather pieces of the Trumptus, which Panthea scattered across Centopia to throw off the elves.


Yuko is an enemy of Panthea, who revives the dying Centopia land and searches for pieces of the Trumptus in a mission to destroy Panthea.


Yuko is an enemy of Panthea as well, who also revives Centopian land and recovers pieces of the Trumptus.


Onchao is Panthea's primary target. She is always hatching schemes to try and capture him for his golden horn, which would grant Panthea eternal youth.


The Unicorns are prey to Panthea, she hunts down the unicorns to steal their unicorns and retain youth.


Panthea's face is concealed by a white mask with two black spirals. She wears a long blue hooded cloak with a green and gold shoulder piece. Her cloak has fringed edges and has spiral and eye patterns. She wears beaded jewelry. She is commonly holding her staff, which is green and the end is a bust of a unicorn.


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