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Evil and insidious


Elizabeth Hanna


Elves, Mia, Yuko, Mo, Unicorns

The Queen Panthea is one of the antagonists of Season 1, has a general and servant, Gargona. She is tall and intimidating; a ruthless warlord with an insatiable appetite for eternal youth. Fearing her own imminent demise Panthea commits the ultimate sin; the slaughter of unicorns and the gathering, and consumption, of their horns.


Panthea loves her cat Ziggo, the cat who went missing in the episode eighth "Ziggo's Day Off". The reasons she loves this cat are yet unknown. The animal is small, sweaty, and malicious.


Panthea really likes to be young Monkulus at any price but can not score the golden corner Onchao.


Panthea's Unicorn Capturing

It was up to Gargona to catch unicorns so that Panthea could be young.

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