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Centopia, The Village Pans (before)

Phuddle, or formally known as, Pan Phuddle, is the first Pan Mia met. He is horrible at playing his musical instrument, the Trumptus.

Personality Edit

Phuddle is a goofy and clumsy Pan. Phuddle is not able to play his flute well. He doesn't like it when Mia leaves him alone. Phuddle is an inventor who created the trumptus which, when played, sounds so bad that the Monculus explode into a bunch of flowers. King Raynor said the trumptus sounded like an "asthmatic elephant strangling another asthmatic elephant all on top of a duck!" Phuddle is also forgetful, like when he forgot where he put his blueprints for the trumptus. Other than Puddles trumptus, almost all of his other inventions have been failures.Phuddle is a hero in cenitopia but also very happy.

Appearance Edit

Phuddle looks just like any other Pan. But his left horn part branch, and it has a single leaf. He has a teardrop design on his forehead and above his eyes. Phuddle also has a white goatee and looks like a goat who can sit down. He has 5 tear drops.

Gallery Edit

Main article: Phuddle/Gallery

Bio Edit

1 Season Edit

Phuddle stumbled to Mia, who thought his music was awful. Phuddle tried again, only to realise that he can talk and be understood by Mia. He eventually led Mia to a trapped unicorn, asking her to release it. After Mia released the unicorn, whose name is Lyria, Mia left Phuddle alone and went to travel Centopia.

Some time after Mia left him, Mia came back and asked his help to tell him where Lyria is, who escaped from her. At first Phuddle was reluctant, but finally gave in and told her the directions.

2 season Edit

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