Luciana (Mother)

Eye Color

Brown (in Centopia)

Hair Color

Brown (in Earth)
Red (in Centopia)

Portrayed and Voiced by:

Lucia Luna Laurenti Sellers

Sara is a vital character that appears in both Centopia and the real world in Season 3 of Mia and Me.

Character Edit

Sara is a stubborn and reliable girl, and also a good person and a friend. She likes animals like her horse Peppino and her dog, but most of all she likes to make new friends. She lives with her mother Luciana on a mountain village, and Mia became her best friend. She is careful and likes to finish her duties on time, and also likes to help her mother at home, or when her mum is at work, she sometimes cooks dinner, cleans around the house and takes care of the animals.

Relationshipsa Edit

Luciana Edit

  • Luciana is Sara's mother. Luciana cares for Sara a lot, and is very protective over her.

Mia Edit

  • Mia is Sara's best friend, both in the real world and Centopia. They met when Mia accidentally messed up booking reservations, and ended up following a horse back to Sara's stables. Sara and her mother offered to house her until she got things figured out, and the two became fast friends.

Fabio Edit

  • Fabio is Sara's old friend from her village in the mountain.

Yuko Edit

  • Yuko is Sara's friend, whom she meets when she comes to Centopia with Mia.

Mo Edit

  • Mo is Sara's friend, whom she meets when she comes to Centopia with Mia.

Appearance Edit


As a human Edit

  • Sara, in the real world, has dark brown hair and dresses casually. Unfortunately, she had an accident and she is blind. She wears black sunglasses and her hair is always tied in a short ponytail. She's quite tall, and she usually carries her stick around so she can walk, because she can't see.

As an elf Edit

  • Sara has red hair tied back into a ponytail with shorter pieces framing her face and has brown eyes. Her hair is adorned with pink flowers. She has a green dress with spiral patterns with little blocks of color, and has matching tights. In Centopia, she is able to see. When she first entered Centopia, she was seen wearing Mia's bracelet. Later she was travelling to Centopia by reading the oracle together with Mia, holding their hands.

Trivia Edit

  • Sara appears in Season 3.
  • She can travel to Centopia with Mia, as an elf.
  • She is able to see Dax's spybugs, unlike the others.

Gallery Edit

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