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The Star Unicorn is the one of The Elemental Unicorns from Mia and Me.

Character Edit

She is the guardian of the stars constellations in the night sky over Centopia. She can create shooting stars with her tail, which then sparkle in the night sky over Centopia like a firework.

She likes to enjoy the weightlessness in the sky.

Relationships Edit


  • Ono is the Star Unicorn's best friend.

Crystal Unicorn Edit

  • The Crystal Unicorn is a friend of the Star Unicorn.

Stone Unicorn Edit

  • The Stone Unicorn is a friend of the Star Unicorn.

Moon Unicorn Edit

  • The Moon is a friend of the Star Unicorn.

Appearance Edit

Her fur looks like a bright nightly starry sky, dark blue and reddish, dotted with many little stars. Her mane and tail are white and have a delicate pink shimmer.

Trivia Edit

  • It appears in Season 2.
  • It has one of Ono's rings.

Gallery Edit

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