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The Legend of Centopia is the book that Mia uses to teleport to Centopia. Edit


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The Legend of Centopia is a book that Mia's father read to her every night. The story in this book took place in a world called Centopia.

When Mia is twelve years old, her parents passed away, but before that, her father was planning to give it to her on her birthday. However, her father made some changes to the book. He also turned it a game situated in a magical world. So now, this book is not only a book, but also a video game.

Now, Mia uses it to teleport to Centopia.

Inside the bookEdit

The book is written in an ancient language. However, Mia can read it. The book is also decorated with colorless pictures. The book contains the oracle, which is like a mystery/prophecy to figure out, but also serves as Mia's password.

Teleporting DeviceEdit

The Legend of Centopia is also a tool to teleport Mia to Centopia. The requirements are, she needs to have her magical bracelet (which came with the book after her father died) and her new oracle. Then she needs to press the button on her bracelet and say the password.

Mia's BraceletEdit

In the first episode, it is revealed that Mia's magical bracelet came with the book. This bracelet is the key to getting to and leaving Centopia, as it is needed for Mia to say her password, and leave Centopia when she is in danger, or when her current job in Centopia is done. If mia dont have her bracelet then she cant come back until someone presses the button on the bracelet. Her baracelet needs to be charged if it isnt charged then the button on the bracelet starts blinking and she comes back from centopia to the real world ✨

Times Used & Known OraclesEdit

An oracle in the book serves as Mia's password, and a prophecy/mystery to solve.

  • Season 1 - Episode 1: "I am Mia,"
  • Season 1 - Episode 2: "Though it may set the ears to ring, new hope its wretched music brings."
  • Season 1 - Episode 3: "Many where there once was one. Persist until your task is done,"
  • Season 1 - Episode 4: "One who scowls without a face, scatters hope without a trace."
  • Season 1 - Episode 5: "Wind and water, Golden horn, through Onchao new hope is born."
  • Season 1 - Episode 6: "Sacrifice."
  • Season 1 - Episode 7: "Wise and weary as you tread, watch your back, but look ahead."
  • Season 1 - Episode 8: "Peering earthward, never up. Where butter's held within a cup."
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