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  • ForeverFriendlyViolet

    Make sure to read the "Teaser summary" and "Story synopsis" section of Season 2 if you want to know! The synopsis is OFFICIAL, since it is directly from Season 2's flyer.


    So, are you excited with the story :D?

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  • ForeverFriendlyViolet

    Here are the pictures for the live-action set production of Season 2 of Mia and Me! These are taken from the Mia and Me Facebook page.

    Pictures © 2013 Lucky Punch | Rainbow | March Entertainment Read more >
  • ForeverFriendlyViolet

    In the early September, I adopted this wiki. I've made a few changes to make this wiki better.

    The background, colors and wordmark are updated. What do you think about it?

    I've made the rules and policy. Read it here.

    Rules - Regulations made to make the wiki a better place. Applies to all users (except noted otherwise).

    Policies - A more indepth of the rules, and the standards of how things work in this wiki.

    This is used as the format of each article's category. This is not compulsory, although it is VERY recommended to follow it.

    Read it here.

    A guide for new users, whether they are new in this wiki, or in Wikia. Also includes FAQs.

    Link = Help:New Users Guide

    Projects are open for users interested in developing a category of articles.

    There are curr…

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  • ForeverFriendlyViolet

    Great news to all Mia and Me fans! According to this post from Mia and Me's official website, the second season of Mia and Me is in production!

    It is said that she will meet her grandfather in the Season 2.

    Let's just wait for the new season shall we? While waiting, edit and complete all the Season 1 articles :)!

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  • ForeverFriendlyViolet

    I don't know if anyone is going to read this, but here you go.

    I am going to adopt this wiki, so it can become a better place, and become the ULTIMATE  Mia and Me Wiki!

    I have contributed here actively for the past week.

    My adoption request form is located and me Wiki here.

    I'm open for suggestions and opinions, so tell me your thoughts! ForeverFriendlyViolet (talk) 03:57, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

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