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Viana is a unicorn in Mia and Me.

Character Edit

Viana knows all the butterfly species that exist on Centopia and can distinguish them from each other. She knows where every kind of butterfly lives and where her caterpillars are growing. As a result, Viana knows many hidden and secret places.

If Viana wants to be alone, she goes to a small pond that nobody else knows and where very special water lilies grow, which attract a very rare, colorful iridescent butterfly style. Where the pond is, is Viana's secret

With Lyria, she likes to lie in the meadow and observe butterflies. When one approaches, Viana remains calm and does not move. Sometimes a butterfly sits on her horn. She also loves to take care of the foals together with Lavera. Often the foals ask for the secret places that Viana knows and if it is not too dangerous, Viana makes an excursion with the foals.

Relationships Edit


Lyria is the best friend of Viana.


Volo is Viana's brother.


Lavera is a friend of Viana,

Appearance Edit

She has pale yellow dots on the coat, as well as a beautiful pink mane with colorful gemstones in gold branches.

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