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Vincent's shack is a small wooden shack near Mia's boarding school in Florence, Italy. It was abandoned, so Vincent took advantage of it to "move in".


Vincent's shack is a simple, small shack made out of worn-out wood. Inside, it is full of Vincent's belongings.


This small wooden shack was built near Mia's school in Florence. It was then ignored, abandoned and was forgotten by everyone. Upon realising this, Vincent used this shack as a secondary house (beside his dormitory), while at school.


Vincent's shack first appeared in Restoration. Mia and Vincent visited the shack, because Mia wanted to solve the next oracle from her book and go to Centopia. Upon arriving, Mia politely asked Vincent to leave, with Vincent himself doing that reluctantly. After he left, Mia learns the new oracle and transports herself to Centopia.

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