Violetta di Nola
Mia and Me Violetta 107



Josephine Benini


Mia, Vincent


Varia (Elf alter-ego in Centopia)




Human (in Real World)
Elf (in Centopia)






Contessa Di Nola (mother), Victorio Di Nola (father)

Violetta di Nola is secondary antagonist who likes to mock Mia. Violetta is the daughter of the Countess di Nola. In the second half of season 2, Violetta learned the secret of Mia, and once there, she pretended to be a fairy called Varia.

Bio Edit

Season 1 Edit

After the arrival of Mia in new boarding school. Violetta was strongly occasionally taunt Mia. Violetta also wanted to get the Mia's book "Legends of Centopia", which she always carries with her.

Season 2 Edit

Mia and Me Varia (Violetta Di Nola)

Varia, Violetta's Elf alter-ego while in Centopia

In the second 2, Violetta for the summer holidays came to his mother, the Countess Di Nola. In the neighborhood, also home to Mia, do not settle for Violetta.

In episode "My name is Varia" Violet picked up a slice of Pebble bracelet Mia, which brings the world of Centopia. Violetta Once there, pretending elf named Varia, which is nothing remembering the princess. Varia also wanted to join the team, which consists of Mia, Mo and Yuko. But Varia did not like Mia them something like "commander", so Varia has also run on Rixel.

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