Water Glare


Elven weapon against Munculus and other enemies

A Water Glare is the choice weapon of the elves of Centopia.

Description Edit

The Water glare is a gold bracelet with room to store liquid that releases with the press of a button. To use the Water Glare, you aim with the arm its worn on, and press the button.

Each Elven warrior wears a Water Glare on his or her arm. With these weapons, the Elves launch spheres of water, because the Munculus soldiers are allergic to it. If water touches any part of them, they will rapidly shrink to a tiny size, complete with high, squeaky voices. For fun and practice, the Elves also love to splash each other or hold Water Glare shooting contests.

In Season 2, they use pepper soup against Rixel and Gurga. The soup still shrinks Gargona when its in contact with her.

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