Water unicorn



The heard belonging to

Element unicorns


Light green with dark green out lines



MIA AND ME Einhorn-Album Element 02-320x180

The water unicorn in the unitopea waters

The Water Unicorn is the master of the element Water. It can breathe underwater, control floods and make massive waves crash against the coast. Furthermore, it’s the guardian of the Birth Grotto of the Unicorns. Whenever a foal is born, the Water Unicorn watches over it and helps if problems occur. Like all Element Unicorns, the Earth Unicorn is one of the forebears of the Unicorns, descending from the primal Unicorns.
MIA AND ME Einhorn-Album Element 01-320x180

The water unicorn speaking to mia

The Water Unicorn loves splashing in the water. Just like a dolphin, it jumps out of the water and does somersaults.

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