Tajja Isen


Flying and use of an aqueous flash


Mo (best friend, love interest), Mia (best friend), Elves, Unicorns


Gargona, Mankulus, Gurga, Rixel, Panthea, Dax, Lord Drakon


Cookie (sister)

Yuko is one of the main characters in the series. She lives in Centopia.

Mo, Mia, Yuko, Phuddle and Onchao


Yuko is an elf warrior. She is an outdoor person that loves to keep plants alive with unicorn dust made by the unicorns. She is also a little bit of a tomboy. She is one of the best warriors in Centopia. In battles Yuko is brave and smart, but sometimes too confident. Her worst quality is being jealous. She was jealous that her childhood friend and crush, prince Mo, was interested in Mia.

Yuko is a sweet girl and a good friend to Mia and Mo. Putting her jealousy aside, she has no notable flaws. Beside of being brave she's also smart and strong.


Yuko has long (but not too long) red hair tied up in a ponytail. She has a petite body and wears a short yellow dress that suits her perfectlly. Her eyes are dark shade of pink as it seems. She has a little blue star tattoo on her left cheek. She's very pretty but doesn't care too much about her looks.


She is the best a shooting water glares,but gets annoyed when Mo beats her! Only Mo can defeat her. She can fly and is very good at it. She taught Mia how to fly properly.



Yuko and Mia develop a strong sister-like friendship. Although they are very close, they also compete for Mo's attention. Yuko taught her how to fly and shoot water glares. They help each other when it's needed, most of the time. Mia admitted she wishes she's as brave as Yuko in the episode 'Cave of Truth'. Yuko also likes Mia's dress alot, she even asked where she bought in in the pilot episode. In fact, that was the first thing Yuko said to Mia (Aside from "US!" when Mia asked "Who's there?")



Mo and Yuko in Season 3

Yuko and Mo are childchood best friends. The two of them are very close, as we see when Mo is teasing her. She enjoys beating him in shooting water glares. They have their own "special place" and they almost shared their first kiss in the episode "Under the Moon". They fall in love with each other as the series goes on. In episode "Return To Rainbow Island" Mo gives Yuko a diamond to express his feelings for her. 


  • Yuko has a crush on Mo, so does he.
  • She's one of the best elf warriors, better than Mo actually.
  • She likes Mia like a BFF sister.
  • She and Mo have their own special place.
  • Her exact age is unknown but she's most likely 14 years old.

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